How we do it

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The best turmeric rhizome.

We connect with farmers to cultivate the best high Curcumin Turmeric rhizome and buy back all their produce after 9 months of maturity.

Cleaning Up

Once harvested, the turmeric goes through thorough cleaning, approximately 2-3 times, to separate the impurities.

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Process 1 Image


The cleaned and dried turmeric is thinly sliced by high power machinery to speed up its drying process.

Dried,using modern technology

At Farm To Health, we created machines to bring down the drying process from about 20 days to 10-12 hours to better the older, cumbersome process that generated considerable amounts of pollution.

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Process 1 Image

Grinded to a powder

The dry slices are crushed to a fine powder using a mechanized grinder.

Blended to Turmheal

The powdered turmeric is mixed with the other 3 ingredients - Green Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cinnamon - in perfect ratios, to bring out the best of them and form our golden elixir- Turmheal.

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4potent ingredients
1golden blend
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