The love for your mother can make you do extraordinary things, and that,precisely,is what happened with Mr. Jain. To see his mother suffering from join pain was the only trigger he needed. Farm to health is the end result of a complex yet beautiful journey he embarked on, first to relieve his ailing mother, then his extended family and finally, the whole of India. Read on to follow him on this tedious yet rewarding path.

The Beginning

Reading up about cures for joint pains, one particular article piqued his interest. Ofcource, it was about our hero ingredints Turmeric. Curcumin in Turmeric and its benefits intrigued him and he knew he had to dig deeper. Meeting with government officials from various states, reading up about Curcumin, finding the states that produce the best Turmeric - he did it all.


When you pursue something with so much fervour, you're bound to succeed. And so he did. The highest Curcumin content in Turmeric was found nowhere else but in our very own Central India. Turns out, most Indians do not have access to this as a large chunk is exported to the first world countries in exchange for high prices. Farm To Health was the brainchild of a concerned son and a concerned citizen of the country who wanted nothing but the best for his fellow citizens.

Talking to his relatives abroad was the last nudge required. Upon learning that giants like Walmart and Carrefour are promoting Curcumin and Piperine tablets, he knew he had to do something about this.


An extensive first hand research on the cultivation and harvesting processes of Turmeric was then carried out. Tiny roadblocks like the low yield per acre and cumberstone drying processes were pushed out of the way by smart thinking. Mr. Jain promised to buy back the harvest at a good price and indigenously produced machines to speed up the drying process. Like we say, no one can stop a man on a mission.


To make his belief stronger, his uncle from Canada came to town. Arthritis made it impossible for him to lift even as much as 2.5 kgs in one hand. 3 months of Mr. Jain's Curcumin-rich Turmeric and he could lift 9 kgs in each of his hands. Ecstatic that his product was working, our founder distributed it among friends and family, and the rest is history.

Farm To Health was launched,

not just for him and his near and dear ones, but for the greater good for the benefit of all his fellow Indians.