Our Story


At Farm To Health, we believe Mother Nature and her rich nutrients are all we need to keep healthy. Hence, we strive together to have the best indigenous produce reach your tables, straight from the farms. Goodness is what we package, and good health is what we want to see you in.


4 potent ingredients. One perfectly balanced mix. Turmheal is the product of carefully combined ingredients in the most optimum ratios. We aim at bringing out the best of their benefits through this well-balanced amalgamation. The quantities of black pepper are added in a way to boost the bioavailability and absorption of our key element,Curcumin, whereas Green Cardamom and Cinnamon are mixed in ratios that enhance both flavour and goodness giving you the healthy perfection you’ve been looking for.

All things

Our deep-rooted belief, quite literally lies in the fact that India’s rich land and its nourishment is all that we need to lead a healthy life. We aim to have its benefits reach you for it is time we start valuing what we truly have. It's time we understand the goodness of all things natural and homegrown. Live life at its best, with our golden elixir, with nothing else but 4 natural ingredients.