Why Turmheal?

Farm To Health aims to give you the gift of good health through Turmheal - created with just indigenous products and nothing else.

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Boosts immunity

Our very dear turmeric was pronounced an immunity booster ages ago. We make it better by aiding the process of its absorption by the human body through a mindfully curated blend of 3 additional ingredients.

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Fights inflammation

Inflammation is a major cause of a number of ailments, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, psoriasis, and more. The high Curcumin content as well as Black Pepper and Cinnamon in Turmheal are believed to suppress various inflammatory molecules and provide relief.

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Reduces stress

Curcumin-rich Turmeric, our hero ingredient, has been linked to treating anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions by boosting serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. Research suggests that it could be as effective as antidepressant drugs.

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Relieves joint pain

The root cause of joint pain also happens to be inflammation. Turmheal helps alleviate these pains by fighting the underlying inflammation that’s causing them, and comes with the promise of relieving body aches.

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How does Turm - heal?

Turmeric With Leaf


The root cause of most diseases is oxidation. Curcumin halts this very oxidation by amplifying activities of other antioxidants, or scavenging or neutralizing free radicals thus saving us from illnesses like depression, prevents stroke, intestinal disorders and more.

Other benefits

Protects against
cold and cough
Cold and Cough
Heals Wounds
Controls Diabetes
weight loss
Weight Loss
Boosts cognitive
Cognitive Functions
Improves Skin
Aids Digestion
various infections
Prevents Infections
Reduces Cholesterol
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