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What are the Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin?

What are the Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin?

Turmeric is one of the most effective and highly nutritional supplements in existence. Several studies have been done in the past where results showcased that turmeric can have numerous benefits for the body as well as the brain. And many of these benefits are associated with turmeric’s main ‘active’ ingredient called curcumin. This active ingredient consists of strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Now, check out the following evidence-based or proven health benefits of turmeric and its active component curcumin:

It is an outstanding natural yet anti-inflammatory compound

Inflammation is an important aspect as it helps in dealing with foreign invaders. It is also needed to repair the internal damages of the body. However, you must keep in mind that short-term and acute inflammation is fine but it can become a leading concern it is chronic because, in this situation, it will start attacking your body and its tissues. According to some studies, the chronic level of inflammation can be a leading source of some diseases and health conditions like cancer, heart-related diseases, Alzheimer's, metabolic syndrome, etc. This is the point where turmeric and curcumin can play a lead role. These can easily suppress the molecules known to increase inflammation. So, you should add the right amount of these to your diet to maintain the right balance of inflammatory properties in your body.

It can increase the antioxidants   

You may or may not know but damaged oxidative is one of the main mechanisms behind aging and several other health issues. It includes free radicals along with super reactive molecules and unpaired electrons. And free radicals are more reactive with organic substances like proteins, fatty acids, etc. If you truly want to protect your body from those free radicals, then antioxidants are needed the most. And for this, you can count on curcumin as it is a potent antioxidant that is extremely effective when it comes to neutralizing free radicals. 

It can boost ‘brain-derived’ neurotrophic element

A neuron is capable of creating new connections. Additionally, it can also increase the number and multiply the same in a certain part of the brain. And this process is possible because of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF. It is a gene that can promote the life span of neurons by making a protein required for the same. Do you know – the BDNF plays a pivotal role in learning new things and memory and it can also be found in the brain’s areas that are responsible for drinking, eating, bodyweight, etc.! If your body has a decreased level of BDNF, then you may encounter some serious health issues including Alzheimer's and depression. Luckily, a study was held a few times back where it was found that curcumin can increase the level of BDNF. It can also help you fight numerous degenerative processes in the brain.

It can reduce the risk of heart diseases

You will be shocked to know that heart and related issues are in the number 1 position when it comes to the reasons for death globally. But curcumin may play a significant role when it comes to reversing the steps in the process of heart diseases. Intake of curcumin can improve the endothelium (the lining of blood vessels) functions leading to good heart health.

It may help you prevent cancer

Cancer is a disease that is described as a health condition occurred due to the uncontrolled growth of the cell. In many studies, it has been found that curcumin is a beneficial herb for the treatment of some cancers. The outcomes of the studies show that curcumin can reduce the number of new blood vessels in a tumor (angiogenesis), can decrease the spread of cancer, and can kill the cancerous cells.


Turmeric and its highly active compound – curcumin has so many scientifically-proven health benefits. For instance, it can prevent serious ailments like cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart issues. However, you must consult your physician first before deciding the amount of turmeric and curcumin as they will help you better.

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