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Turmeric – A natural immunity booster

Turmeric – A natural immunity booster

Several immunity boosting medicines, a number of effervescent tablets, a lengthy prescription from the doctor... All of this, and more, for what? The current generation is all about boosting immunity and would go to any extent to do so. But while being surrounded by all these new-age solutions we often tend to neglect what we’ve had since years.So, when we go out seeking solutions try to peek into your own backyard, or your kitchen, this time around.

Turmeric, the golden spice is found in most kitchens across the country. But why is it called that? Although the obvious answer is its color, its properties are what truly makes it golden. It comes with a bunch of medicinal values, all of which are attributed to a curcumin, a naturally occurring chemical compound in turmeric. Curcmin is a phyto-derivative which provides turmeric with its immunity boosting, anti-viral, anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, and more such qualities.

Being an overall immunity booster, turmeric protects the human body against various bacteria and viruses. The widespread coronavirus pandemic, like most viruses, too affects those with a low immunity first. So, it is very essential to have an active and strong immune system that can not just fight off the enemies but win against them too. As for the common cold or flu, they are often kept at bay by curcumin. This is because it reduces the replication of the virus which means it stops them from multiplying. Having said that, even if the body is attacked by these, turmeric aids quick recovery and provides relief from their direct impact. So, in this case, of course, prevention is better than cure, but a natural cure is better than an artificial one.

Inflammation is the root cause of a number of ailments. Joint pains, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and numerous others are attributed to inflammation. So much so that cancer too is the end product of this. Curcmin has great anti-inflammatory properties along with antiviral, antiseptic, stress relieving and more healing benefits.

If turmeric can make leading a healthy and happy life this easy for us, why complicate it with unnecessary medication and artificial healing processes?

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